This App adds to AutodeskŪ RevitŪ a long waited feature, Batch Shared Parameters adding to Revit families RFA files.

1.     Recursive Families Search Engine: It automatically locate and process all your Revit families under your root folder and its subfolders, this facilitates Mass Parameters addition to your Revit families and without the need to browse to each families group folder individually.

2.     Dynamic Parameters Source File: You aren't limited to your default shared parameters file, simply choose any Shared Parameters txt file on your computer, then Query all available parameters and adds them to list automatically, when you click Acquire Shared Parameters.

3.     Easy Filtering: Parameters from your shared filed can be listed and filtered according to their original group or simply having all available parameters for your choice.

4.     App supports Type or Instance parameter, it is your choice.

5.     Target Parameters group is available for your choice from dropdown list.

6.     Automatic Upgrade Families: You have old Families library?! This app upgrades your families automatically. Hint: you can use it to Mass Upgrade Families as a secondary job, when you need to add a shared parameter to them all ...hush!! Don't tell the developer I told you this :)

7.     Program shows progress bar and current family being processed, you have the right to keep an eye on your automatic bot after all.

8.     Fast families processing and parameters adding, it works in the background. It skips time needed for presentation and rendering.

9.     Automatic Report Generation, Detailing Every Processed Family and Parameters Addition result, And Also keeping record of any Corrupted families found in your library.

10.  Oops, I forgot to tell you that this bot loves showing up, it notes down the time it started and when it finished his work.

Note: This App loves to work in peace you will have to leave your Revit program till it finishes its work.

Don't worry it don't take such time that it would bother you, just relax and appreciate your valuable time being saved and done in fractions of original time and without wasting your human power on what artificial intelligence can do.


General Usage Instruction:

1- Choose Your Shared Parameters File


2- Click Acquire Shared Parameters,
To Let App Smart Engine Query Your Shared Parameters


3- Choose your desired shared parameters,
filter them by group or just let the app

 show every shared parameter you have


4- Now Choose your parameters Data,
Wither you want it type or instance parameter


5- Choose where your parameter will be added


6- Let the App know your families Root Folder,
And check if you want to automatic clean backups in contained folders

Click Start And Let the Magic Happen






1) App Will Show Progress bar to let you know,
 where it is doings its magic now





2) Report Generation:

A) App Automatically Create Report on your Desktop,
 indicating families processed and status for every shared parameters addition

B) App Automatically Skips Corrupted Files,
 and Keep Record of Them in Generated Report


3)  App Have Recursive Search Engine,  This means it will get all your Revit families under your root folder as well as its subfolders